Quick Faqs

Your Questions
I like the sound of the house, how can we view?

Ring agents or call at house.
What bills are included?
None, but our agents Broadcourt offer a bill paying service, you will need to ask them for details, it is £15 per person at the time of writing this help page.
What is the Deposit?

£270 per person (agents may change this) or one months rent (all held by MyDeposits.co.uk)
When do we pay rent?
A month in advance

We want to sign lease what do we do?
Call agents and make appointment to sign and pay deposit. Standard Oyez (pdf file opens) shorthold tenancy one year lease for a shared furnished property).
Do you let rooms singly?
Not usually. If students leave mid term they find someone to take their place so watch noticeboards and ask agents,
Do I need to be part of a group?
Yes all houses are let on a single tenancy agreement to 3-5 people. You all sign when you pay deposits.
When does tenancy start? July 1st
When does it end?
June 30th
Will the place be clean when we move in? It should be! Leaving tenants are responsible for this. If they have left a mess agents will send round cleaners and deduct from their deposits.
If there is damage what do we do? Report to agents asap so that previous tenants are held responsible and not yourselves.
How do we take over paying of bills?
See info pack in house
Who do we tell about repairs?
Our agents in office hours
What about emergencies?
See info pack in house or this page
Who are your agents? We have two agents Broadcourt 0121 414 1617 or Guild Lettings at the University 0121 415 8376

Yours is whoever you sign up with

Who does the gardens? Agents will arrange as needed

Who does repairs?

Agents in-house maintenance team.